ProFunds TIPS Disclaimers (“You should have the ability to”):

- Accept the volatility associated with LEVERAGED AND INVERSE funds
- Make
DAILY fund reallocations (5 minutes)
- Allocate no more than 25% of your Retirement portfolio to "The TIPS Ultra and/or Sector models""
- Read the ProFunds
PROSPECTUS regarding these funds
- Consult with your Financial Advisor regarding suitability

- Not share your subscription with anyone

Weisert Investment Services now has another "TIPS" subscription available for everyone, and not just those investors that have a Thrift Savings Plan or Employer Sponsored Retirement Plan.  ProFunds TIPS is a subscription service that gives daily recommendations for a ProFunds account based on the WISER mission and TIPS strategy.  This service gives you, the investor, more control over your account with DAILY advice instead of the "set it and forget it" typical investment strategy for long-term retirement accounts.  If you are an active investor with a ProFunds account, ProFunds TIPS subscription can guide your daily allocation decisions based on the Weisert Investment Tripod (WIT).  Click on the button below for more information.

ProFunds TIPS

Fill out the registration form below to enroll in ProFunds TIPS.  Please read ProFunds TIPS disclaimer and check the box "I Understand" in order to enroll.  You will receive a welcome email "test" to make sure that your enrollment was successful.  Check your spam folder, if you don't receive your welcome email within 48 hours let us know!  Click on the button above for more information about ProFunds TIPS and frequently asked questions.